Comprehending the Suitability of Mesh Nebulizers for Kids

June 15, 2024 Off By Vi McKenzie

inhaler for asthma disorderPediatricians recommend the use of nebulizer for kids who suffer from asthma and other lung diseases since inhalers use some kind of chemical in pushing medication into the lungs. Moreover, inhalers release the medicine in puffs, instead of spraying fine mists of the liquid medicine that a child breathes in through a mask or a mouthpiece.

Although studies show that adults do not have to fuss over choosing between an inhaler and a nebulizer. Any of those two works effectively for as long as the device is used properly. Yet when it comes to choosing a medicine atomizer for a child, the better choice is always the nebulizer. The breathing-in process takes about 5 to 20 minutes of letting in the vaporized medicine until it runs out.

Different Types of Nebulizer

Depending on the treatment prescribed by a child’s doctor, a nebulizer is the better machine to have if a child has to take four or five doses of medication on a daily basis. Actually, nebulizers used for vaporizing asthma medicines come in different types and the two most popular are the Mesh Nebulizers and the Jet Nebulizers.

Mesh Nebulizers

Even if there’s limited studies to support claims that mesh nebulizers are the better type, in vitro studies have demonstrated that the mesh-based device is 2 times up to 3 times more capable of depositing lung medication when compared to jet nebulizers.

That being the case, mesh nebs are often recommended as the device to use for children especially during asthma flare-ups. Mainly because of its high nebulization efficiency of supplying increased doses of lung medication.

High nebulization efficiency denotes that a greater amount of medication droplets are produced by the device because of the mesh’s multiple perforations. In light of the efficiency of the mesh-based device, it is deemed as the most suitable nebulizer to use for high cost medications.

A TruNeb™ nebulizer is an excellent example of a highly efficient nebulizer. It delivers a comfortable and quiet respiratory treatment since its vibrating mesh technology discreetly atomizes particles.

Jet Nebulizers

jet streamed inhalerThis type of device uses compressed gas that passes through a narrow tube and comes out of a small opening to convert medicine into a medicated mist. The movement of the compressed gas pushes the misted medication out of the nebulizer’s narrow tube, to be effectively inhaled by a patient using either a mask or mouthpiece. The most important advantage of a jet nebulizer over a mist nebulizer is its affordability.